Our Catholic school is part of the Catholic Church. We work in partnership with our local parish and priests in order to enrich the spiritual life of the students, staff and families of our school, especially through the celebration of the Sacraments.

The partnership between the school and the parish is supported through regular Sunday family Masses and the celebration of the Sacraments, facilitated by the parish and supported by the teachers at school.

The Religious Education curriculum assists students in preparation for the Sacrament. The school works with the parish to support students and their families in their faith journey.

  1. The school is an active ministry of the local parish.
  2. The school promotes and supports Sunday Family Masses and the Parish Sacramental programs.
  3. The school’s Family Educator builds and sustains ongoing connections between the three communities of faith; OLF Primary, St Ursula’s College and OLF Parish. Opportunities across the three communities provide families with multiple ways of connecting to each other and to the wider Paris family.
  4. The Parish Priest is very supportive of our school.