OLF’s Library is key to promoting and supporting the teaching of our school’s Guided Inquiry approach, the Information Search Process, researched and developed by Kuhlthau, Maniotes & Caspari (2012).  It is an active learning environment where information literacy is taught through carefully planned, closely supervised, and targeted intervention by an instructional team which includes the professional contribution of the teacher-librarian.

OLF celebrates Children’s Book Week each year, with a range of creative and engaging activities to celebrate the joy of reading and promote the role of quality literature in the lives of our children and their families.

Our library provides a social space to meet, collaborate, research, learn, share, and relax. The staff work to develop a reading culture and raise the levels of information literacy across the school by leading students through processes which empower them to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers and skillful, efficient and discerning researchers.

The Oliver library management system, together with the ACEN digital library provide 24/7 access to a wealth of authentic, authoritative, age appropriate resources to specifically meet student and staff needs.